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How to Monitor Fidelity of Social-Emotional Learning Initiatives

Webinar-social-media-2023-05-23A key challenge with any educational initiative is understanding whether we did what we intended and whether those efforts led to improved student outcomes. In this session, participants will learn a framework for monitoring implementation fidelity for social-emotional learning (SEL) initiatives. We will discuss the highest-quality approaches for measuring fidelity, the most feasible approaches, and the best overlap between quality and feasibility.

In addition, we will hear insights from a district currently engaged in this work, including how they have connected SEL initiatives to their five-year strategic plan and how they tackle the intricacies of training staff to implement SEL fidelity measures.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • 2-3 practical ways to determine SEL implementation fidelity at the classroom level
  • How to effectively measure SEL outcomes including school climate and student social-emotional competencies

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