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Dr. Clark McKown

Leading Minds Webinar Series - 2022-2023
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Ready, Set, Learn:
Using Whole-Child Assessment to Start the Year Strong

Live Aired Date: Thursday, July 27, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET

Presented by the Founder of xSEL Labs:
Clark McKown, Ph.D. founded xSEL Labs with the mission of supporting effective educational practice with high-quality social and emotional learning assessments. Clark is a nationally recognized leader in the field of SEL assessment who is regularly sought for his expertise. He was lead author on a report of the state of the field of SEL assessment and author of “Assessing Student Social and Emotional Learning: From Planning Through Action.” Clark has been principal investigator on several federal and foundation grants whose purpose was to design, develop, validate, and scale social and emotional assessment systems.

Learn about whole-child assessments that measure life skills, positive mindsets, and well-being.

In this presentation, Dr. Clark McKown, Chief Science Officer at 7 Mindsets and leader in the field of social and emotional assessment, discussed how educators can select and use high-quality assessment to guide their teaching practice and evaluate effectiveness of programs focused on non-academic skills acquisition.

Specific topics of discussion included: 

  • Clarifying the goals of assessment and choosing the right assessment
  • Talking about data and using it to simplify the job
  • Using data for instructional decision-making and to measure the effectiveness of educational practice 


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