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David Adams

Leading Minds Webinar Series - 2022-2023
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Developing Confident Young Leaders
Why SEL is Key to Lifelong Student Success

Aired Live: March 16, 2023 

Presented by Educational Leader and Best-selling Author:
David Adams is the Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Assembly. He joined UA in 2014 as the Director of Social-Emotional Learning, where he created the Resilient Scholars Program (RSP), a unique approach to integrating SEL into curriculum and classroom practices across the UA network that has grown into a national program.

School communities must implement SEL programs effectively to ensure the skills necessary for post-secondary student success.

In this powerful webinar, presenter David Adams uses his own experience and expertise in and around SEL development to:

  • Define social emotional learning
  • Apply SEL concepts to post-secondary outcomes
  • Organize experiences that result in social-emotional development

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